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  • Does CBD oil really work?

    Does CBD oil really work?0

    CBD has been used by about six million adults in the UK, and the CBD market value is expected to be worth nearly £1billion by 2025. So what is CBD oil, and is it worth the fuss? CBD is the new trendy wellness product that celebs, bloggers, your friends, and your next-door neighbour are telling

  • Discovering the Benefits of CBD oil

    Discovering the Benefits of CBD oil0

    CBD oil is increasingly acclaimed for its benefits. Use as an e-liquid for vaping, but also as a dietary supplement to fight against stress or depression, CBD is everywhere. Find out what its benefits are, how to consume it, and where to find it. With some of the best online suppliers in Europe, British users

  • The best vaporizers for cannabis oil and concentrates

    The best vaporizers for cannabis oil and concentrates0

    The rise of the dab has been meteoric and accompanied by fast industry interest as a new generation of consumers prefer concentrate to flower. It’s hard to say if technology enabled the culture or if culture enabled the technology, but dabs and devices go hand-in-hand—as much out of necessity as fashion. A rig makes a