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  • Medical Pot Program to Launch in 2018

    Medical Pot Program to Launch in 20180

    HARRISBURG, PA- The state Health Department’s medical marijuana program is expected to launch by early 2018, state health officials said After years of debate, the state’s medical marijuana law was signed in April. It will allow patients suffering from certain conditions to obtain medical cannabis products from dispensaries after receiving certification from a doctor. Since

  • 4 Colorado doctors suspended over medical marijuana recommendations

    4 Colorado doctors suspended over medical marijuana recommendations0

    Tuesday, Four Colorado doctors have been suspended by the state over medical marijuana recommendations. Here is a list of the physicians whose medical licenses have been summarily suspended, along with information from the board about their alleged violations: • Aurora: Gentry Dunlop M.D., recommended the medical use of marijuana, which authorized the possession of at

  • Six Marijuana Scams To Avoid

    Six Marijuana Scams To Avoid0

    Hilary Bricken, a Cannabis Business Attorney shares her insights on how the marijuana industry, with all its growth and complicated & constantly changing rules, is a chalk full of scammers & con-artists. The following 6 marijuana scams are the ones that usually happen: Marijuana Penny Stocks -As the SEC keeps pointing out, many publicly traded


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