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  • Medical marijuana at Cincinnati Children’s? Probably not

    Medical marijuana at Cincinnati Children’s? Probably not0

    “It’s too far off. I can’t say whether we would use it,” Cincinnati Children’s spokesman Jim Feuer said. Don’t expect doctors at Cincinnati Children’s to start recommending medical marijuana when it becomes legal later this year. Agencies like the Ohio Pharmacy Board, Ohio State Medical Board and Ohio Department of Commerce must create rules on

  • Cannavaping – How Healthy Is It?

    Cannavaping – How Healthy Is It?0

    The results of a small study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, show that vaping weed, an activity researchers have uninspiringly dubbed “cannavaping,” is much healthier than smoking it. Testing one type of vape, they concluded that vaping didnt generate any “new specific contaminants,” which they deemed promising for the future of cannavaping. However, the

  • A Cannabis Menu? Here’s your Chef for that!

    A Cannabis Menu? Here’s your Chef for that!0

    Cannabis food products aren’t for sale yet, but entrepreneurs already preparing for legalization of edibles Chef Cody Lindsay whips pancake batter while an intrigued crowd watches. Then comes the final ingredient — one not typically found in pancakes — a few doses of cannabis oil. Canada doesn’t allow the sale of marijuana food products, even


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